Video Report of the interactive installation COLLECTIVE PROJECTION at the Quai des Savoirs (Toulouse - France). The theme: "Building the city of tomorrow". Through a process of Chinese shadows reacting to a pressure sensor, the spectator taking place on the module sees the city build from its point of view. Our will was to refocus the construction of the city of tomorrow around its creator. Around the time and the collective factor, the final phase of the installation is only possible if 4 users stay long enough on their respective modules. The city then passes in color, a sound atmosphere is diffused and the projection is complete (360 °)
Concept / Art Direction / design / Video : Clément BOGHOSSIAN
Concept / Technical Direction : Antoine VANEL
Construction : POPEK - Vidéo Drone : Thomas LEROUDIER - Community Manager : Johan TERRAIL
Font / Graphic poster : Johann MILANI - Music : Byetone "Plastic Star"
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